Qualifications & Requirements

There is a wide range of skills that are required from an engineer. But in order to continuously deliver strong results, it is very important that engineers are both very skilled as individuals, and also have the ability to reach and collaborate with researchers and other engineers for even higher team performance.
In addition, we look for the following criteria in engineers:
– Have excellent programing/hardware skills (Having external/public recognition is a must)
– Positive attitude toward familiarizing oneself with not only computer science but various other fields.
– High ability to quickly acquire new skills
– Very committed to the perfection and high quality of Software/Hardware product.

Application Process

We hire engineers throughout the year. In order to apply for an engineer position please send the following application documents to us.

– Resume
– Evidence of development results
(You can send publications you have been involved with, products you developed, presentation material, results of programing contests, blog or homepage address, etc)
– Motivational letter

*Your application documents will be shared at PFN internally
but only for the purpose of our review
After passing through application selection, an interview with our researchers and engineers will be arranged.
After passing the interview, terms and conditions are discussed before an offer letter is notified.

Working Terms & Conditions


Various social insurance programs: Pension insurance, health insurance, employment insurance, workers’ compensation
Vacation: maternity leave, parental leave, congratulation or condolence leave
Regular health checks


Experience, performance, skills, contribution are taken under consideration.
Transportation expenses
Periodic assessment (2 times a year)
Probation period: 3 months
In addition to basic salary, bonuses are paid based on company performance and individual contribution. (Twice a year: Apr/Oct)
Laptop Allowance.

Work system:

Five-day work week (Saturdays and Sundays off), public holidays, New Year’s holiday vacation
Discretionary-work or Flex-time system
Annual paid leave based on company regulations