Hello, I am Toru Nishikawa, President of PFN. Thank you for visiting our website.
I would like to express a few words to those of you who are considering joining our team. PFN is enhancing our hiring policies as our business is expanding. Thankfully, we have received many applications and have been fortunate to have many talented people join our team. PFN members, including myself, are all proud of being able to work with talented people and we want to widen this circle. So, this time, I would like to share some of the positive aspects of working at PFN.

PFN hires people who share its core values

Preferred Networks Inc. (PFN) aspires to establish “an organization that continually produces cutting-edge technologies and puts them into practical use”. Such an organization would be possible only by a group of professionals who have deep expertise in technology, and who are committed to deliver new value to the world through technology. These professionals will have both the technical expertise and the passion to pursue that vision, by continuously taking on new challenges and complementing each other’s skills. At PFN, we just love working with such a group of people. While technical expertise is a necessity, we also value personality even more. That is why we would like to work with members with the following qualities:

– Having an understanding of diversity, and the ability to combine various expertise.
– Flexibility and a constant intellectual curiosity and motivation toward learning new technology.
– Ability to achieve great results by working as a team.
– Sincere attitude toward work and technology.
– Passionate about using technology to improve society.

While it goes without saying that researchers and engineers are required to have a deep knowledge and a good understanding of a wide area of computer science, we not only value their current knowledge but attach more importance to the knowledge and understanding they will acquire in future because the domain of computer science is expanding at an accelerating rate every year. Therefore, in our recruitment, applicants are not necessarily required to be well-acquainted with all aspects of computer science at the time of application but must have the potential to become so. We look for people who are highly motivated to catch up with the rapid progress made in computer science at all times and have the ability to absorb new knowledge and broaden their views with great passion. Researchers and engineers must also be eager to obtain knowledge and understanding of not only computer science but also other fields such as software engineering, mechanical engineering and life science, and aspire to create new technologies by fusing different fields.
We also welcome talented people who have various expertise in areas other than AI.

People who can only think and work within personal bubbles would not fit in at PFN, even if they have excellent technical skills. We highly value teams that work with mutual respect and continue to elevate each other’s capabilities. PFN is growing quickly and is seeking enthusiastic researchers and engineers in the following fields to join our journey.

Job Openings


A researcher will mainly be

– Putting oneself in a cutting-edge research environment (Holding a PhD/Taking a doctoral course)
– Delivering high quality research results, and efficiently communicating those results to engineers.
– At times, working along with engineers to develop products.

In addition, continuous communication with customers and external partners is also very crucial to correctly identifying how research will actually benefit society.



An engineer will mainly be

– Applying research findings to Software/Hardware Products and Services.
– Testing and enhancing the quality of Software/Hardware Products and Services.
– At times, become a researcher and work on creating new technology.

Similar to researchers, engineers will be actively communicating with customers and partners, not only to be involved in planting the technology seeds, but also to accurately grasp market needs.



PFN is looking for talent in various field.
Regarding positions not described on this page, we are conducting selections from time to time by appealing enthusiasm for our company and your own expertise. Please do not hesitate to apply.



In PFN’s Internship Program, students can work on unique and challenging R&D problems under the mentorship of our engineers and researchers.
We welcome students in a wide range of computer science areas including but not only machine learning.