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June 17 Announcement for business alliance with Asian Frontier

Announcement of business alliance of Preferred Networks Inc. and Asian Frontier Co., Ltd.
June 17th 2015

Preferred Networks Inc.(PFN) and Asian Frontier Co., Ltd.(Asian Frontier) came to the basic agreement on their business alliance in appointing Asian Frontier as a controlling partner of PFN’s partner companies, who wish to apply PFN’s machine learning and deep learning technologies into their solutions.

PFN’s machine learning and deep learning technology have broad deployment potentiality and innovation capability in any business sectors under today’s evolutionary advanced network infrastructure. But, same as many other advanced technologies, deploying such technologies into the business scene, it requires to clarify each business goals and accelerate the development of partner’s business applications properly, which normally took time in the past.
To respond to this issue, PFN appointed Asian Frontier, who has deep experience in Business and IT consultation globally, to efficiently drive the deployment of PFN technology into their partner companies’ business solutions.

PFN plans to establish “Partner Program” for those companies who wish to apply PFN’s machine learning and deep learning technologies into their business solutions.
While PFN keeps focus on the development of his own advanced technology, under this business alliance with Asian Frontier, who brings deep Business and IT consultation know-how, “Partner Program” will benefit partner companies in accelerating their development efficiently.

This “Partner Program” will be started from providing a package software called “DIMo(Deep Intelligence in Motion)”. DIMo provides a platform where each partner company to be able to develop their dedicated solution over the machine learning and deep learning technology.

Asian Frontier, as a controlling partner of this “Partner Program”, will enhance partner companies’ solution development in efficient and timely manner.

* About Asian Frontier
Company Name: Asian Frontier Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-11-28, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Representative Director: Miguel Angel ESTEVEZ ABE
Founded: September 5th 2007

Preferred Networks Inc.

Asian Frontier Co., Ltd.

June 9-10 Interop Tokyo 2015

Toru Nishikawa, CEO, and Daisuke Okanohara, Executive Vice Present, gave keynote talks at Interop Tokyo 2015 held on Feb 9~10th in Tokyo. On the 10th, PFN announced parthenships with Panasonic and FANUC.

Please refer to the news links below for more details on the partnerships announced.

Partnership with Panasonic announcement
Partnership with FANUC announcement

A video demonstration of the technology can be viewed at the YouTube link below:
Robot control using Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning (7:13)
Preferred Research Blog
The technology used in the demo was developed by Eiichi Matsumoto. He explains it in more details at the Research blog below:
Preferred Research Blog (Japanese)

PFN also announced the release of a new deep learning framework “Chainer” as Open Source Software. Seiya Tokui, the Chainer project leader, explains more details about the new framework at the research blog below:

Official site
Release Announcement of “Chainer” : Open Source Deep Learning Framework
Preferred Research Blog
Preferred Research Blog(Japanese)

The announcement were covered in several Japanese and Global Medias:

Wall Street Journal

The Nikkei Newspaper:(Japanese)

The Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper:(Japanese)

IT Pro(Japanese)

June 10 Announcement for R&D alliance with FANUC Corporation

FANUC Corporation. and Preferred Networks Inc. (PFN) came to the basic agreement on their alliance in the research and development utilizing machine learning and deep learning technologies, which will enable machine tools and robotics to be highly intelligent.

IoT has attracted a lot of attention as a key technology to support next generation manufacturing technologies such as Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet. With the rapidly increasing amount of data, question on how to utilize big data, or how to process the data in real time, remain unsolved. To resolve this question, we focus on machine learning and deep learning technologies which intelligently process big data at edge, at real time and enable high level of automation at manufacturing sites such as machine tools and robotics .

Application of machine learning and deep learning has been limited to cyber space. It has not been applied to machine tools and robotics in physical manufacturing sites. We will combine PFN’s expertise in machine learning and deep learning, and FANUC’s numerous technologies in the machines and robotics. We aim best in class automation processes in many layers of manufacturing sites including those where Industry 4.0 applies. The alliance with PFN will cover FANUC’s operations as a whole. Here are some examples that we are aiming for;
Machine Tools and Robotics perform the followings
– Self learning
– Learn to cooperate by themselves
– Self detection of deficiencies and supplement each other
Therefore, it will bring the following results.
– Highly optimized operations of machines and robotics
– Advanced level of protective maintenance
– Non stop factory operations

June 10 Announcement for R&D alliance with Panasonic Corporation

Nishikawa, CEO of PFN Inc. announced in his keynote speech at Interop 2015 Tokyo that PFN will enter into research and development alliance with Panasonic Corporation.

In this alliance, we will aim to integrate Panasonic’s forefront hardware technologies with our machine learning and deep learning technologies which we believe most advanced. Panasonic expects the research outcomes to be applied to automotive area and will also improve functionality of its digital AV devices.

PFN will expand the application of technology elements which we will obtain through the alliance, mainly in deep learning area, into other industry segments.

Release Announcement of”Chainer”: Open Source Deep Learning Framework

Preferred Networks, Inc. and Preferred Infrastructure Inc. have released Chainer, a Deep Learning Framework. We are proud to release this Powerful, Flexible, and Intuitive Framework as an open source software.
We will provide latest news on Chainer through the following media:

Official Website:
Google group:Chainer User Group

We will also post announcements to Google+ Deep Learning Community

For design concepts and technical characteristics of Chainer, please refer to Preferred Research Blog (Japanese)

PFN is at Cisco Live! at San Diego

Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) is pleased to announce its participation in Cisco Live! 2015 in San Diego, California, June 8th-11th.




PFN is providing a live demo of surveillance video analytics based on its product, Deep Intelligence™ in Motion (DIMo) v1.0, which is designed to realize network-wide intelligence for IoT. In addition, PFN is demonstrating its latest results using deep learning for autonomous optimization of machine behaviors. A new demo video is being shown for the first time that shows how virtual race cars learn to control themselves using deep reinforcement learning.



In addition to developing video analytics products, PFN is also focusing on research and development for revolutionizing industrial IoT areas including manufacturing and smart transportation/cities. These new methods use cutting-edge deep learning technologies to combine information extracted from multiple types of sensors. PFN’s demonstration is located at booth #3131 in the World of Solutions hall, as part the booth for Cisco Entrepreneur in Residence, the incubation program in which PFN is participating. Please come to our booth and enjoy our new technologies.