Three Primary Business Domains


Research and development of technologies related to autonomous driving and connected cars. PFN has been collaborating with Toyota since October 2014.


We apply machine learning and deep learning to robotics and machine tools, and conduct research and development of object recognition, control, anomaly detection, and optimization technology. PFN has been collaborating with Fanuc since June 2015, and with Hitachi since December 2017.


We analyse medical images such as CT and MRI, and develop systems to allow early diagnosis of cancer using blood samples. PFN has been collaborating with the National Cancer Center of Japan since December 2017.




Toru Nishikawa
Founder – President & CEO

ICPC/ACM Programming Contest World Finalist. Software Japan Award 2013 of Information Processing Society of Japan.

Daisuke Okanohara
Founder – Representative Director & Executive Vice President

Ph.D. in Information Technology. Outstanding accomplishments in IT and NLP fields. Recipient of the President’s Award at the University of Tokyo, 2010. Certified as a “super creator” by Japanese government-funded program.