Core Technologies

Real-World Sensing

Our deep learning technology perceives, integrates, understands, and analyzes diverse types of sensor data at levels beyond human abilities.

Edge-Heavy Computing

We evolve computing from the traditional centralized model to the new paradigm of an edge-collaborative model, providing complete collaboration from device to cloud.

Real-Time Interaction

Soon, everything will be connected to the Internet and interacting in real time. Our technology seamlessly integrates data from the physical and digital worlds.



Management Team

Toru Nishikawa Toru Nishikawa FOUNDER - Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Preferred Networks, Inc., one of Japan’s leading tech companies. ICPC/ACM Programming Contest World Finalist. Software Japan Award 2013 of Information Processing Society of Japan.

Daisuke Okanohara Daisuke Okanohara FOUNDER - Executive Vice President

Ph.D. in Information Technology. Outstanding accomplishments in IT and NLP fields. Recipient of the President’s Award at the University of Tokyo, 2010. Certified as a “super creator” by Japanese government-funded program.

Junichi Hasegawa Junichi Hasegawa Director - Chief Operating Officer

Previously vice president at Sony, responsible for software development of BSC Company and Platform Development divisions.

Our Services


Using big data from diverse devices, we recognize customers’ interests and attributes through analysis of their in-store behavior.

Health Care

Our framework enables early detection of disease, through analysis of genomic, vital signs, environmental, and infectious disease trends data.


Our technology provides an advanced O2O solution by integrating online and offline data for prediction of consumer behaviors and attributes.

Life Science

Our integrative, multi-purpose system detects and predicts new phenomena, advancing developments in biotechnology, drug discovery, and health care.


We automate manufacturing operations to maximize production efficiency and recommend counteractions in emergency situations.

Public Safety

Powered by deep learning, our leading-edge video analytics system provides real-time threat detection for any environment.

Network Security

Using our distributed and collaborative computing methods, we provide advanced attack detection and threat avoidance.


We automate vehicle and transportation operations through computer vision and collaborative, real-time analysis of multiple types of data.